Rapper K.O is suing the Gauteng government for R5 million over a 2020 COVID-19 advertisement. Image via @mrcashtime/Instagram

‘We are regressing’: SAns rally behind K.O condemning SA gov

K.O put everything on the line during his Twitter rant and became vocal against the South African government’s ways of leading the country.


Rapper K.O is suing the Gauteng government for R5 million over a 2020 COVID-19 advertisement. Image via @mrcashtime/Instagram

On Sunday, 6 July, South African rapper, K.O aka Mr. Cash Money – real name Ntokozo Mdluli decided to take to his timelines and call out the South African government for failing to progress since it started ruling in 1994 following the end of the Apartheid era – the rapper’s bold comments left Twitter buzzing as several Tweeps chimed in to leave their two cents regarding the matter in the comment section.


K.O took a stance and voiced his concerns about the country’s current state. The Sete hitmaker appreciated the African National Congress for the work they put in leading the country to democracy. He, however, wondered whether they had fought against the Apartheid government only to lead the country where it is today.  

For example: The loadshedding crisis in South Africa began in 2007 and has increased ever since. According to Eskom, “the rolling blackouts that began towards the end of 2007 cast a gloom over the country, and the economy took a hit.” But, not only that, the country is also drowning in debt with billions of allegedly misused monies.

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For example: By the end of 2020, during the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, a real-time audit handed by the Makwetu office indicated that the R500 billion coronavirus funding received from the UIF was amplified in fact, Bussinesstech reported.

“Based on what was audited to date, there are clear signs of overpricing, unfair processes, potential fraud, and supply chain management legislation being sidestepped,” the auditors were quoted as saying.

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“Apartheid was inhumane and deserved to be abolished. Thank you for democracy but damn, did we deserve this type of leadership??” he asked.

“Watching the decay and degeneration of this country in real-time is crushing. Some African states are progressing [and] we’re regressing… Lord help us,” he added.

According to Statistics South Africa, the unemployment percentage in the first quarter of the year was at a staggering 32,9 percent. This is reportedly a 0.2 percent increase from 2022’s last quarter. K.O also urged South Africans to wake up and change the direction the country is headed.

“Avoiding failure is avoiding progress. Comfort zone is nothing but a pit stop. Fail forward,” he concluded.

After seeing the rapper’s post, several social media users agreed with his comments and shared some tips regarding how to move forward.

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Rapper K.O is soaking in the success of his chart-topping single, ‘Sete’. Image via Twitter @MrCashtime


“So true, but I say we are the problem here, take a look at Orania if you can’t change it be the change. Instead of umona esinawo against each other we can unite and rebuild our economy with the little that we have, uGovernment asithole endleleni, we can be that change we want,” @ErrarAthi commented.

“Countries crumble when one party dominates elections for decades. Like with any career, politicians need to be under pressure in order for them to do their job well,” @thebard1 voiced.

“We deserved this type of leadership to get us out of Apartheid, now we need another kind of leadership to get us through these times,” @joseph_survive wrote.


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