Tembisa SAPS

Three officers were rushed to hospital on Thursday morning – Photo: Supplied

Anarchy in SA: Three SAPS officers shot as 15 crooks rob garage

SAPS officers walked into an ongoing crime scene on Thursday – finding themselves both outnumbered and outgunned in Tembisa.

Tembisa SAPS

Three officers were rushed to hospital on Thursday morning – Photo: Supplied

Chaos erupted in Tembisa, Gauteng on Thursday – after several SAPS officers were shot by an armed gang. Up to 15 robbers were involved in the SASOL garage robbery, and they opened fire indiscriminately when cops tried to foil their plans.

SAPS blown away by armed robbers

It’s understood that the robbery was already in progress when three SAPS officials entered the premises. On a morning coffee run, the trio were immediately called into action. They were also accompanied by an ADT security officer, according to some sources.

The crooks proved to be the fastest draw, unloading a hail of bullets towards the law enforcement specialists. All four men were wounded in the attack, and are currently receiving hospital treatment. As of 12:00 on Thursday 8 September, no fatalities have yet been confirmed.

Tembisa SASOL garage robbery: What we know so far…

The incident took place at the SASOL garage on Andrew Mapheto Drive. The location, in Tembisa South, has had its struggles with lawlessness in the past. With cops outnumbered five-to-one by these thugs, the opportunity to enforce law and order sadly never arrived.

Several details have since been confirmed to us by SAPS:

  • One officer was shot in the head, and subsequently airlifted to hospital.
  • The other two stricken cops were rushed to a medical facility via ambulance.
  • SAPS found eight rifle cartridges and nine 9mm cartridges at the scene.
  • Shots were also fired at a police car, after four 9mm cartridges were found in an unmarked Nissan NP 300.
  • The suspects fled the scene using two getaway vehicles: A Toyota Quantum, and a Toyota Corolla Prestige.

SAPS officers ‘robbed of guns’ in Tembisa

In another unfortunate facet of this story, the three cops and the security official were also DISARMED of their service weapons – which included 9mm pistols and a Glock. A manhunt has since been launched to track down these brazen thugs.