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Sandton is a NUMBER ONE crime hot-spot – for THIS offence…

The Crime Stats for Q2 of 2022 were released earlier on Wednesday – here’s the full breakdown of Sandton’s surprise appearance.


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The latest quarterly Crime Stats for South Africa have been released to the public. Man, are they a tough read. All major offences, including murder, have experienced some form of increase compared to this point in 2021 – although, the landscape in Mzansi has significantly changed.

Why is Sandton now a crime hot-spot?

‘Commercial Crime’ is the term given to offences relating to fraud and business malpractice. As the biggest business hub in Gauteng, and indeed, in South Africa, Sandton can also attract some unscrupulous characters. It has recorded the HIGHEST number of Commercial Crimes in Q2.

Almost 100 more offences have taken place between financial quarters. In total, 387 acts of Commercial Crime were reported in Sandton. This is, by a wide margin, the most recorded in any region during the most recent three-month period.

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Police respond to dire Crime Stats

The crime statistics released this afternoon reflect crimes that were reported to the South African Police Service from 1 July 2022 up to 30 September 2022. These crime figures are compared to the same period in 2021, when the country was still under Lockdown.

This was due to the outbreak of the COVID-19. Between July to September 2021, the country was under lockdown level 4, 3 and 2. As per SAPS, more boots will be on the ground and escalated crime prevention operations will be a daily occurrence until the end of January 2023.

“While the overview of these crime statistics may be disheartening at face value, they should not make us lose confidence in our endeavor to fight crime. The rule of law must stand firm in South Africa.”

“The quarterly crime figures are a management tool to guide the SAPS and streamline policing operations, by shifting resources to where they are needed most. It is clear that the SAPS will and MUST continue to sharpen its responses to crime.”

“This includes arresting some members of the SAPS who choose to work against the law. Organized crime is also being dealt a blow as the SAPS together with local Interpol’s National Centre Bureau trace and arrest wanted fugitives residing within our borders.” | SAPS / Bheki Cele