PRASA trains

The new Metrorail trains introduced to Cape Town by Prasa. Photo: @CapeTownTrains / Twitter

PRASA condemns vandalism targeting newly built trains

PRASA said it has launched an investigation to identify hotspots for the vandalism of train infrastructure, including stone throwing

PRASA trains

The new Metrorail trains introduced to Cape Town by Prasa. Photo: @CapeTownTrains / Twitter

It hasn’t been long since the Passenger Rail Agency (PRASA) introduced some new trains to the rail line, but there are already concerns around incidents of vandalism, including stone-pelting. PRASA says stones have been thrown at trains in some of the newly reopened corridors, resulting in cracked windows in some cases.

“Communities are therefore urged to help protect the blue Electrical Motor Units running on the recently reopened lines. Initial evidence suggests that the Northern Corridor (Pretoria) has a higher share of the incidents of stone-throwing. Some of the identified hotspots include Kopanong, Soshanguve, and Moshate Informal Settlement,” said PRASA spokesperson Andiswa Makanda.

“Vandalism of the newly built trains is unacceptable and should be condemned as the trains are a public good and belong to the people, for many of whom commuter rail is the most affordable option for travel. Passenger rail is the backbone of public transport, and the provision of a safe, reliable, affordable, and efficient passenger rail service remains our strategic pillar and mandate,” Makanda adds.


PRASA has now launched an investigation into the vandalism of train infrastructure. The probe aims to identify stonethrowing hotspots and to use both surveillance and technology to end the practice.

Security officers will be deployed at the hot spots to reduce the risks associated with stone-throwing.

“A dedicated team has been established to deal with the phenomenon. This team will also provide rapid response to the incidents for incident management and investigation. PRASA will intensify outreach to local communities, including schools to promote a culture of collective ownership, pride, and responsibility for the trains. Local Police, Metro Police, and Rapid Rail Police have also been briefed and they will form part of the solution to deal with stone-throwing”

PRASA spokesperson Andiswa Makanda

In addition, PRASA intends to submit proposals for the introduction of harsher penalties for anyone caught throwing stones or vandalizing trains whether the trains are moving or stationary.

“PRASA is working towards ensuring a high level of security visibility along affected corridors to deter and detect criminal activities which may affect the movement of trains. A long-term solution will be erecting concrete walls along identified hotspots,” Makanda added.