Family meeting lockdown address ramaphosa

Ramaphosa’s next family meeting will indeed be ‘the last dance’ – Photo: GCIS

Just in: ZERO new restrictions for SA, as Level 1 lockdown remains

Get in there. Our Christmas plans will remain undisturbed, after the NCCC decided against new lockdown restrictions, keeping SA at Level 1.

Family meeting lockdown address ramaphosa

Ramaphosa’s next family meeting will indeed be ‘the last dance’ – Photo: GCIS

The government has taken a bold step on Thursday, confirming that there will be ZERO new lockdown restrictions at this moment in time to combat the spread of the Omicron variant. A family meeting on the matter has also been scrapped, and the country will remain at its current alert phase of Level 1.

Level 1 remains, and no new lockdown restrictions for Christmas!

This latest announcement matches a rather bullish tone coming from both the Cabinet, and the medical experts of Mzansi. There’s growing confidence that Omicron, although it spreads like butter on a hot slice of toast, isn’t putting much of a dent into hospitalisations and deaths. And that’s the game, at this stage of the pandemic.

The National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) met on Wednesday to consider the need for changes to our current Level 1 laws. Although cases continue to rise alongside new hospital admissions, data on ICU treatment and mortality remains flat. Therefore, there’s no need to push the panic button as it stands.

“This virus is spreading quicker than in previous waves, but the rates of hospitalisations and deaths remain relatively is in our hands to maintain the current break in the clouds into the lasting sunshine in order to have safer and joyous Christmas, and prosperous New Year celebrations.”

NCCC statement

Omicron latest: NCCC plays it cool…

However, this situation can change at any moment. With the Christmas holidays now tantalisingly close, millions will be travelling between towns, cities, and provinces to see their loved ones. The spread of people across the country could mirror that of Omicron’s, and drive case numbers high. Even so, the NCCC remains unperturbed.

And that comes with some sound, scientific reasoning. This variant has been circulating for weeks in South Africa, starting off in Gauteng. In this province, infections have peaked – and are possibly on their way down.

  • With no new lockdown restrictions in place, South Africans should still exercise caution, as and where it is required.