Police assisted a woman in labor and then collected money to help her. Image @SAPoliceService Twitter.

Police assist woman in giving birth then collects money for her

When a woman in active labor arrived at the police station to seek assistance, officers jumped into action and assisted her in giving birth


Police assisted a woman in labor and then collected money to help her. Image @SAPoliceService Twitter.

Being a police officer entails many challenges and the need to maintain a level head, but unexpected situations require them to think on their feet in ways they could not have predicted. This was especially true for police officers who had to assist a woman in giving birth.

Police help woman about to give birth at the police station

Officers at SAPS New Brighton were taken aback when a 25-year-old woman walked into the station around 22:20 on Friday night, 16 December 2022, requesting an ambulance because she was in advanced labor.

Commander of the community service centre (CSC), Sergeant Khayakazi Jodwana, contacted the ambulance service.

As time passed, the woman indicated that she was about to give birth.

Jodwana and another civilian woman at the community service center had to act quickly to assist the woman.

Blankets were brought, and the woman gave birth to a boy around 02:00 on Saturday morning, 17 December.

Because load shedding was in effect at the time, Jodwana and his colleagues at the station ran to the nearest hospital, a TB hospital, to seek assistance for the mother.

When they were unable to be helped, they ran back to the police station.

A police car was dispatched to another hospital and escorted the ambulance to the police station.

The mother and baby were then taken to the hospital for further treatment after the umbilical cord was cut.

Officers collect money for the new mother

After the ambulance left, the officers at the police station collected money to help the new mother get to Plettenberg Bay.

The woman was stranded in Gqeberha and couldn’t afford to travel to Plettenberg Bay.

She was dropped off in New Brighton by Mdantsane.

She decided to spend the night at the police station for her safety.

Acting District Commissioner, Brigadier Ronald Koll, praised the members for their efforts in ensuring the child’s safe birth.

“It is not every day that our police officers are faced with such situations however given the circumstances, they ensured a safe birth and managed to calm the frantic and frightened mother. They also made sure she was comfortable and the baby was kept warm while they waited for professional medical help.” Koll said.

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