limpopo family murdered

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What’s going on in Limpopo? ANOTHER family slaughtered, five relatives dead

For the second time this week, a mass family killing has been reported in Limpopo – after five people were murdered in their home.

limpopo family murdered

Photo: Pixabay

Following the gruesome slaughter of a Limpopo family on Christmas Day, an eerily similar case has been reported on Thursday. A total of five family members, aged between 18 to 82, were murdered by gun-wielding thugs yesterday.

ANOTHER family murdered in Limpopo

SAPS has kept four people in custody over this heinous incident, and they’re still trying to establish what the motive is. The male suspects are no older than 32, and they are set to face the wrath of the courts on Friday.

Not even a week has passed since a family in the Jimmy Jones District of Vhembe were also butchered. Seven relatives, murdered by one suspect, had their lives cut short in grim fashion. The province is now reeling after Wednesday’s discovery.

Limpopo family murder: What we know about the Tsolo killings

The family in Tsolo, Limpopo were all sleeping when gunmen stormed the property. With multiple armed thugs entering into different rooms, fatal shots were administered at a rapid pace. The alleged murderers then escaped into the night.

However, some extremely swift police work from Limpopo’s top detectives ensured that arrests could be made within 24 hours of the crime being reported. SAPS issued a statement on the matter earlier today, confirming that the suspects are thought to be Tsolo locals.

SAPS heap praise on ‘heroic’ detectivtes

“According to the information a family of five people, aged between 18 and 82, were sleeping in their home when gun-wielding suspects entered different rooms and started firing shots. The motive for the incident is not known at this stage, however, five murder cases have been opened for investigation.”

“Four arrested male suspects are aged between 22 and 32 and are believed to be from the same locality where the incident occurred. They are expected to appear before the Tsolo Magistrate Court on Friday the 31 December 2021 on murder charges. The investigation continues.”

SAPS statement