SADTU Sea Cow Lake Secondary

Ateacher has been murdered at Sea Cow Lake Secondary. Photo: Pixabay

Another KZN political killing! Municipality speaker gunned down overnight

Another BIG political killing in KZN. Just one week after the last one took place. This time, it took place in the Amajuba Municipality.

SADTU Sea Cow Lake Secondary

Ateacher has been murdered at Sea Cow Lake Secondary. Photo: Pixabay

Political killings in KwaZulu-Natal are firmly back in the spotlight. The IFP has revealed that one of its councillors was gunned down outside his home last night. Reginald Ndima was serving as the speaker of the Amajuba District Municipality in the province. Ndima’s killing comes one week after an ANC councillor was killed in the province.

Amajuba Municipality rocked by political killing

The IFP announced Ndima’s death on Saturday afternoon and expressed its shock over the killing.
Ndima was reportedly shot and killed by several attackers while he was arriving home in Newcastle, KZN.

Ndima was elected speaker of the municipality following the IFP’s solid showing during the 2021 Local Government Elections.

“Details at this stage are unclear. The IFP, therefore, expects the SAPS and related law enforcement agencies to investigate this matter with urgency. This must include the activation of the 72-hour swift response for these matters.”

IFP Spokesperson Mkhuleko Hlengwa

The ANC’s Minehle Mkhize was also shot and killed in Durban one week earlier.

KZN politicians unhappy with the police

Political displeasure with the police force in KZN is not limited to one party. The IFP says that the absence of successful investigations and a lack of prosecutions, is only encouraging local criminal syndicates.

The ANC, even though it runs the province and country, agrees.

The party’s provincial structures are fuming over 14 deaths in 24 hours as part of mass shootings and killings in the province. The ANC says each and every time new crime statistics are released, things just keep getting worse.

Earlier this month, the ANC alleged that some of the law enforcement agencies are in the criminals’ “pockets”.

“We firmly believe that there are few of these rotten potatoes within the security establishment, not all our police are corrupt,” the party said in a statement on January 15.