Julius Malema EFF Zimbabweans

Photo: EFF / Twitter

‘I’d rather get rid of a white man than a Zimbabwean’ – Malema on migrants

Julius Malema has ruffled feathers once again on Thursday, after his views on immigration came under the microscope.

Julius Malema EFF Zimbabweans

Photo: EFF / Twitter

EFF leader Julius Malema has turned up the dial his racial rhetoric on Thursday, following a picket at the Department of Sports and Culture. The Red Berets are demanding that stadiums and concert venues get the green-light to open – but Juju couldn’t help talking about another controversial topic.

Julius Malema rips into Nathi Mthethwa

Starting his address, Malema had some unkind words for the current Sports and Culture Minister, Nathi Mthethwa. He called the ANC representative, a ‘lazy bastard’ and a ‘coward’, firing his crowd up immediately.

Malema and the EFF have been extremely critical of the ruling party, for failing to reopen large venues safely in the past two years of the pandemic. The far-left political party are also concerned about lost revenues for vendors who plied their trade outside stadiums, and haven’t been able to earn a living since.

  • Malema says Mthethwa is to blame for this ongoing malaise – and didn’t mince his words on the topic.

“Nathi Mthethwa is a coward who is involved in factional battles of the ANC. Ramaphosa must give us an all rounder who will inspire confidence and understand the dynamics of Sports, Arts and Culture.”

“You can see when you look at Nathi Mthethwa that he’s a lazy bastard who doesn’t know what he’s doing. He can’t walk at a speed of a rat. If you’re a sports person you must walk like a sports man and look like one. Nathi doesn’t doesn’t do sports, he doesn’t do arts.”

Julius Malema

EFF leader clarifies position on immigration

It’s not the first time Julius Malema has raised eyebrows this week. The firebrand politician announced he was leading an ‘inspection’ of businesses at the Mall of Africa, to check how many foreign workers are being employed over domestic staff. It was a stark departure from the party’s flagship ‘open borders’ policy.

So, was this a so-called flip-flop from the 40-year-old? In his book, the answer is no. Malema explained that he wants Africans to ‘look out for their own’ – explaining he’d rather push a ‘white man’ out than a Zimbabwean.

“In weeks time, if they don’t open. We will be going to SAFA. And even find our way to FNB stadium and sleep there. And wake up the next day and show them that we are still alive.”

“I’ll never chase Zimbabweans away. I’d rather accompany a white man to the sea and say bye bye, even though you were not invited. We must look after our own because when we do that, we are looking after ourselves.”

Julius Malema