Fake cops

The four suspects were caught when targeting their next victim – Photo: Yusuf Abramjee / Twitter

Fake cops EXPOSED: Joburg robbery gang caught in police uniform

A dangerous bunch of thieves were arrested in Joburg earlier this week – and these fake cops will now face some very real consequences.

Fake cops

The four suspects were caught when targeting their next victim – Photo: Yusuf Abramjee / Twitter

A multi-disciplinary operation has busted a set of ‘bank-following robbers’ in Johannesburg, who had been disguising themselves as police officers during their heists. In total, four ‘fake cops’ were detained earlier this week.

Fake cops brought to justice

It’s understood that the suspects were targeting businessmen as they went into local banks. Individuals who were perceived to be rich and influential were identified, and gang members would force victims to hand over any cash in their possession.

The thieves and their vehicle were raided by arresting officers, who found a treasure trove of police gear and a replica firearm. What’s more, one of the bogus cops was half-dressed in a stolen SAPS uniform. The following details were confirmed to us on Thursday afternoon:

  • The gang were arrested earlier this morning, following a sting operation led by Crime Intelligence and the JMPD.
  • One of the four suspects – who are aged between 33 and 37 – was found wearing an incomplete police uniform.
  • Upon searching the vehicle, police found a replica of a firearm, balaclavas, police jacket, police cap and police bulletproof vest.
  • The car, a Toyota Corolla, was fitted with false registration plates and imitation blue lights on the dashboard.
  • All suspects were are charged with conspiracy to commit robbery, impersonating police officers, and possession of suspected stolen property.

Johannesburg robbery sting: Four suspects facing hard jail time

SAPS has issued a comprehensive statement on the matter, revealing how the bank-following robbers were eventually apprehended. They received information on who the next victim would be, and several police units converged to help snare the crooks.

We love a happy ending, it has to be said…

“Four suspects believed to be responsible for bank robberies were arrested in Johannesburg CBD on Wednesday, 13 July 2022, after they were found with police uniform, a replica of a firearm and a car fitted with blue lights and false registration plates.”

“Police’s Crime Intelligence members received information about the suspects who are involved in bank robberies and that they were going to rob one of the victims in Johannesburg.”

“The members from Johannesburg Metro Police were activated to back up the team that kept close observation of the suspects. The team spotted and followed the car that matched the description given, from Turfontein to Johannesburg CBD, where they stopped them.”

SAPS statement