German tourist suspect

The car that the tourists were travelling in. Image: SAPS

Hijacking horror: German tourist MURDERED in Mpumalanga

A German tourist was fatally wounded while holidaying in Mpumalanga on Monday, after a hijacking attempt went wrong…

German tourist suspect

The car that the tourists were travelling in. Image: SAPS

A German tourist has been shot dead in White River, Mpumalanga overnight. The travelling party of four was making its way to Numbi Gate, before they were targeted by a group of hijacking suspects. Sadly, the altercation would prove to be a fatal one.

German tourist mpumalanga hijacking II
The German tourist was killed after being shot in the upper body – Photo: SAPS

German tourist killed during botched hijacking in Mpumalanga

The crooks approached the tourists’ vehicle in a VW Caddy. They pulled up next to the driver’s side window, while brandishing a gun. From there, they instructed the visitors to open their doors, in the hope that they could quickly make off with their valuable possessions.

However, the German tourist behind the wheel decided to take his chances, and instead locked the doors in an attempt to escape these thugs. Tragically, one of the gunmen opened fire, sending a bullet through the upper body of the driver.

Mpumalanga hijacking incident ends in tragedy

The vehicle reversed for an approximate distance of 100 metres before crashing into a wall. It’s understood the hijacking suspects then fled the scene, without taking any belongings. A manhunt has since been launched for the criminals behind this violent attack.

  • South Africa’s Department of Tourism has issued the following statement on this matter:

German tourist murder ‘could harm SA’s economy’

The Mpumalanga SAPS have also been left crestfallen by these developments. Although no arrests have yet been made, officials are working around the clock to catch the perpetrators. Police are also worried about the ‘economic impact’ an attack on tourists can have:

“The police at Masoyi as well as other role players in the Emergency Services were alerted about the murder of a German tourist. A murder case was opened with an immediate launch of a manhunt for the suspects. No one has been arrested as yet.”

“When one has tourists then it means the tourism sector is benefitting and boosting our struggling economy. We call on our good citizens who might have seen or heard anything about these criminals, or the VW Caddy they were driving, to come forward.” | Mpumalanga SAPS