Ashley Oosthuizen

Ashley Oosthuizen was arrested in 2020. Photo:

Ashley Oosthuizen: George woman, 22, faces life imprisonment in Thailand for boyfriend’s crime

Ashley Oosthuizen, 22, was arrested by Thai police in October 2020 and faces life in prison. Her family and boyfriend say she is innocent.

Ashley Oosthuizen

Ashley Oosthuizen was arrested in 2020. Photo:

Ashley Oosthuizen was reportedly arrested on 8 October 2020 after a sting operation – of sorts – by Thailand police. She was charged with drug-related charges and initially sentenced to death but upon appeal, the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.


Oosthuizen has been imprisoned since her arrest and her family last made contact with her in December 2021. The former Outeniqua High School learner flew to Thailand in March 2018, shortly after finishing school.

The 22-year-old has maintained her innocence throughout the ordeal. Her family has done the same and now a man purporting to be her boyfriend has stepped forward and said that Oosthuizen was arrested because of his alleged drug deals.

The boyfriend reached out to the George Herald via Facebook and released a lengthy statement in which he details the events that led to Oosthuizen’s arrest and imprisonment. It also reads like a vain autobiography at times.

When a journalist from the George Herald asked the boyfriend why he did not go back to Thailand – he is believed to be in the United States – and surrender himself to the authorities and admit his guilt, he replied:

“Because accepting a life sentence for importing harmless MDMA for consenting adults after governments just forcibly vaccinated [millions] against their will with experimental cocktails would be bowing to tyrants. I do not bow to tyrants, I kill them.

“Why dont you ask Koh Samui police why they are keeping an innocent woman locked up regardless you [dumb] b*tch?”

The boyfriend indicated that he felt he could not raise awareness about Oosthuizen’s wrongful imprisonment until he had his affairs in order.

“Had I come sooner, no one would listen. Now that I have websites, a business, a book, and more – now Ashley can no longer be ignored. Ashley’s only crime was being my girlfriend,” he said.


The website – – tells the tale of Oosthuizen’s arrest.

She met the boyfriend – who would later be revealed as an “international dark web drug dealer” – for the first time at a Halloween party in 2019. She was 19 and he was 32.

Unbeknownst to Oosthuizen, the boyfriend’s drug dealing business was centred on the school he worked for. He allegedly arranged for the drugs to be mailed to the school’s main office and would pick it up before the day ended.

When they met, Oosthuizen was working as a kindergarten teacher at one of the schools on the island but she eventually lost the job.

“After Ashley was laid off she tried working many odd jobs around the island as a nanny, tutor, and even as an aerial yoga instructor.

“However none of these positions afforded Ashley a work permit and without a work permit, she would eventually have to return back to South Africa,” reads the website.

The boyfriend offered her a job as a manager of a new restaurant that he wanted to open, which would enable her to get a new work permit and continue to live on the island.

The logo of the restaurant was reportedly designed by Oosthuizen. Photo:


While Oosthuizen was working at the restaurant, the boyfriend was reportedly attending medical school in Ukraine and wanted to restart his drug operation.

Since he no longer worked at the school, he needed a new address to ship the drugs to and he began using the restaurant without her knowledge.

Six weeks after the boyfriend started shipping the drugs to the restaurant Ashleigh was arrested. She had no idea what was happening.

On the day of her arrest, she accepted a package from a delivery man on behalf of one of the boyfriend’s friends and 10 minutes later the police arrived and arrested her. The package allegedly contained 250g of MDMA.

According to the website, since her arrest, Ashleigh has been shafted by her lawyers and been subjected to an unreasonable legal system and diplomatic assistance has been all but non-existent.

Her next appeal against the life imprisonment sentence is expected to be heard sometime this year.

Oosthuizen’s mother, Lynn Blignaut, told the George Herald that the family is doing everything in its power to bring her back to South Africa.

“Ashley is in excellent health because He [God] sustains her in all ways and provides for her. We would not have been able to stand so strong every day if it wasn’t for mercy and grace from God. We can now only wait for her next appeal,” said Blignaut.


The Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) said it is aware of Oosthuizen’s imprisonment.

One of the department’s spokespersons, Clayson Monyela, said the department and the country’s embassy in Bangkok are assisting Oosthuizen and her family, to SABC News.

Another spokesperson, Lunga Ngqengelele, told the Cape Times the department can only communicate with the detainee and a designated family member due to the sensitivity of the matter.

Monyela also said DIRCO cannot interfere in legal matters, hearings or the judicial process of a foreign country.

The boyfriend’s 12-page statement can be found here: