heatwave eastern cape

An extreme HEATWAVE is expected in the Cape provinces. Image: Unsplash.

Extreme HEATWAVE expected in the Western Cape

The South African Weather Service issued a warning for an uncomfortably hot heatwave expected on Wednesday in the Western Cape.

heatwave eastern cape

An extreme HEATWAVE is expected in the Cape provinces. Image: Unsplash.

The South African Weather Service (SAWS) has issued a warning. The West Coast District in the Western Cape is bracing for an exceptionally uncomfortable heatwave this Wednesday, with hot and dry weather conditions sweeping the region.

“Very hot and dry weather conditions are expected over the West Coast District on Wednesday, with minimum temperatures in the high 10s or low 20s and maximum temperatures in the high 30s. Together with the expected off-shores easterly winds will lead to dry weather contributing to extremely uncomfortable conditions,” said the SAWS.

Weather advisory. Image: X/@SAWeatherService

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This meteorological cocktail raises concerns for residents and visitors alike, as extremely high temperatures limit the human body’s ability to cool through sweating.

The risk of hyperthermia, a condition resulting from overheating, becomes pronounced in such conditions.

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Of particular concern is the potential for heat stroke. The most severe health risk associated with intense heat. Heat stroke can have fatal consequences if prompt medical attention is not sought.

Precautionary measures residents should take

Residents should take precautionary measures, such as staying hydrated, avoiding prolonged sun exposure, and seeking shade during peak daytime temperatures.

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Emergency services are on high alert. Emphasising the importance of community awareness and preparedness.

Community care: Watch over vulnerable residents

Residents are advised to keep an eye on vulnerable individuals. Such as the elderly and young children, and to stay informed through local weather updates.

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As the heatwave grips the West Coast District, prioritising safety and well-being is paramount.