Cape Town water

There are various planned water outages in Cape Town from Tuesday, 19 March. Image: iStock.

Emergency water repairs in these Cape Town areas

Emergency repairs are scheduled by Cape Town’s Water and Sanitation Directorate for a significant leak in a 350mm diameter water main.

Cape Town water

There are various planned water outages in Cape Town from Tuesday, 19 March. Image: iStock.

The City of Cape Town’s Water and Sanitation Directorate is set to conduct emergency repairs on a severely leaking 350mm diameter water main near the Somerset West Country Golf Course.

The maintenance operation is scheduled from 08:00 to 16:00 on Tuesday, 28 November 2023. To ensure the safety of the maintenance team, the water supply to the affected areas will be temporarily shut off.

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Affected areas in Cape Town

Several neighborhoods in Somerset West, including Pintail, West Street, Garden Village, and Helderzicht, are set to be affected.

The repair work on the 350mm diameter water pipeline is expected to disrupt water supply in the vicinity. Despite the inconvenience, the City has taken necessary precautions to minimise the impact on residents.

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“The necessary precautions have been taken to try and limit the impact as far as possible,“ said the City.

Residents in the affected areas are urged to store sufficient water in advance for domestic use during the repair period. It is crucial to close taps to prevent water loss and potential damage when the water supply is restored.

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Water tankers will be distributed to assist

To assist residents, water tankers will be deployed throughout the affected areas, offering a temporary supply for domestic consumption.

“Water tankers will be roaming through these areas to provide water for domestic consumption.”

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The City acknowledges any inconvenience caused by these essential repairs but emphasises the importance of maintaining and upgrading the water supply infrastructure to ensure long-term benefits for its customers.