Julius Malema EFF Jesus

EFF Leader Julius Malema says they are Jesus. Photo: EFF / Twitter

EFF could be in government by 2024 – by choosing ‘the better evil’

Is Julius Malema flip-flopping again? The EFF leader has now opened a once-closed door – and it may give the Red Berets a route to power.

Julius Malema EFF Jesus

EFF Leader Julius Malema says they are Jesus. Photo: EFF / Twitter

Depending on your political persuasion, this will either be music to your ears, or a vision of hell. The EFF look set to take a dramatic pivot in their electoral stance, and Julius Malema is optimistic that this tactical tweak can help the far-left party earn a stake in RULING South Africa.

EFF ‘now open’ to coalition with the ANC

The nine-year-old organisation has made a major impact on the politics of Mzansi over the past decade or so. In recent national elections, the party has pulled in roughly 10% of the vote. They now have their sights on closing the gap to the DA – but is an even bigger prize in sight?

Previously, Mr. Malema emphatically declared that neither he nor his comrades would enter a power-sharing agreement with the ANC. Alas, this all looks likely to change ahead of our next General Election in 2024, and the EFF are preparing to soften their stance on the governing party.

Malema ‘prepared to work with better evil’ to secure power

The political firebrand no longer wants to work with the DA to force the ANC out of office. Instead, he wants to use the ANC ‘to help it destroy itself’. Often teased for his flip-flopping on certain policies, Malema is guaranteed to face the same accusations again.

However, Juju now sees a path to power that will give the EFF an unprecedented amount of influence, on a national scale…

  • Malema said this week that the ANC ‘needs a radical leftist coalition partner’ to help stave-off a national DA government.
  • Juju stated that forming an ANC-EFF coalition ‘is the better evil’ – in order to prevent John Steenhuisen from becoming president.
  • Admitting his party ‘must kiss different frogs’ to gain power, the EFF leader also demanded Paul Mashatile should replace Cyril Ramaphosa.

ANC-EFF coalition ‘the stuff of nightmares’ for DA, others

This sudden change of heart has irked the opposition. Leon Schreiber, the Shadow Public Works Minister, is horrified by the thought of an ANC-EFF coalition taking charge of South Africa in two years time. The DA representative now wants a ‘united front’ to prevent this collaboration.

“While other parties ‘collaborate’ with the EFF, Malema is terrified of the resurgent DA. This is because he knows that it is only the DA that can and will stop an ANC-EFF coalition. We are the only party big enough to prevent this. We must unite to stop this nightmare.” | Leon Schreiber