Kenya visa

President Ramaphosa attends a state visit to Kenya – Photo: GCIS

Visitors from THIS African country can now enter SA ‘visa-free’

Visa free for 2023! Cyril Ramaphosa has confirmed that another African nation will now be given ‘unimpeded access’ to Mzansi.

Kenya visa

President Ramaphosa attends a state visit to Kenya – Photo: GCIS

Kenya believe it? Cyril Ramaphosa has confirmed that South Africa will allow Kenyan nationals to visit our Republic ‘without the need for a visa’. The rules, which come into effect in the new year, have been hailed as a huge cooperative stepping stone between the two countries.

Visitors from Kenya can come to South Africa visa-free

The President made the announcement during an Official State Visit to the country on Wednesday. During the visit, several Memoranda of Understanding and agreements were signed between the two countries. What was once a ‘thorny issue’ has now been smoothed over.

Here are the key details confirmed by the ANC leader:

  • Kenyans can now visit South Africa ‘for up to 90 days’ each year.
  • This can be done either on a single visit or multiple trips – but the total stay time CANNOT EXCEED the 90-day mark.
  • The new laws will come into effect from 1 January 2023.
  • A process will be put in place, allowing South Africa to return any ‘undesirables’ back to Kenya.
  • Ramaphosa also stated the visa-free status would be ‘monitored thoroughly’, with ministers reporting on the progress.
Kenya Visa
Kenyans will be able to enter SA visa- free from 1 January 2023 – Image : File

President ‘opens doors’ for another African nation

Ramaphosa explained that the process will now be expedited, in order for the changes to be rolled in roughly seven weeks’ time. He firmly believes that business and tourism will benefit as a result of this new visa policy for Kenya.

“We agreed that indeed Kenyans should be able to visit South Africa without requiring them to have visas… this dispensation will commence on the 1st of January 2023 and that our officials will speed up the processes of putting it into effect.”

“We will be able to review this and get reports from our ministers within the year and see how this is functioning. There will be close monitoring of the implementation of this process, and also, we will be able to have a return policy of for ‘undesirable’ visitors.”

“Kenyans and South Africans have multiplicities of relations both business, social, communal and at relative level. They want to be able to travel and tourism between our two countries will be greatly enhanced through this. This can now be implemented fully.” | Cyril Ramaphosa