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DA Councillor ‘held-up at gunpoint’ – allegedly by ANC rivals

Duncan Monks, a DA Councillor operating in the NMB metro, claims that he was accosted by a group of ‘ANC-linked thugs’ while out campaigning.

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Photo: Pixabay

A DA Councillor has opened a case of attempted robbery and intimidation with a firearm at the New Brighton police station in Nelson Mandela Bay this weekend, after he was allegedly held up at gunpoint by ANC-connected criminals.

Attempted robbery, intimidation case filed by DA Councillor

The accusations made by Duncan Monks came during a campaign event led by the opposition party. He claims that those who used a gun to intimidate him are politically motivated, and residents in the area witnessed the altercation.

Monks, who was erecting Election posters for the DA in this part of NMB, also stated that an ANC Ward Councillor followed him to the nearby police station. These allegations have since been amplified by Andrew Whitfield.

ANC-linked rivals accused of ‘threatening DA members’

The party’s Eastern Cape Provincial Chairperson is demanding a swift course of action from law enforcement officials, and he also believes that the criminality on show here was driven by ‘ANC-linked forces’. Whitfield, still seething with the incident, has blasted the ruling party for this purported ‘act of desperation’.

“On Friday, 1 October 2021, DA Nelson Mandela Bay Cllr Duncan Monks was held up at gunpoint while erecting DA posters in New Brighton, by criminals who are allegedly linked to the ANC. The incident was witnessed by local residents. Monks also alleges that he was followed to the police station by the ANC Ward 15 councillor.”

“Mr. Monks has opened a case of attempted robbery and intimidation with a firearm at the New Brighton police station. In his statement and the statements made by witnesses, possible links have been made to those believed to be involved in the crime and members of the ANC.  This criminality shows the desperation of the ANC in the run-up to the Elections.”

  • We are still awaiting an official response from the ANC, which will be published in due course