Hermanus safest town

Hermanus town square, as seen from out at sea – Photo: John M / Flickr

Crime Index: Eleven factors make THIS town ‘the safest in South Africa’

We reported last week that millionaires are ‘flocking’ to this coastal hot-spot, recently named as the safest town in SA.

Hermanus safest town

Hermanus town square, as seen from out at sea – Photo: John M / Flickr

It’s been a rather exciting time for the coastal suburb of Hermanus in the Western Cape. Located a little over 90 minutes to the east of Cape Town, this tourist favourite was recently named as ‘the safest town in South Africa‘ – a factor which has seemingly drawn a gaggle of millionaires to move here over the last 12 months.

How safe is South Africa’s safest town?

Hermanus is enjoying its moment in the spotlight, and one gets the feeling that it’ll be basking in this warm glow for a long time to come. The Cape Whale Coast has become a very attractive destination for the wealthy and well-connected, and money continues to flow into this part of the province.

A lot of that is down to the fact that well-off South Africans know they’ll have a secure investment in Hermanus. Judging by the latest Crime Index stats from Numbeo, that ‘safest town’ title is wholly appropriate.

Hermanus’ low Crime Index score woos South Africans

The user-generated figures, which have been updated at several points throughout 2022, features a checklist of 13 important elements on the index. For Hermanus, eleven of these rank as ‘moderate, low, or very low’ – and its crime rating of 31.37 is the lowest of all 71 towns and cities featured on the database:

Fears about being mugged, having a car stolen, being attacked, or racially abused are ranked ‘very low’ – Photo: Numbeo

Cost of living comparison: Hermanus vs Cape Town

Although Hermanus may soon become a millionaire’s playground, life here appears to be much more affordable here than it is up the road in Cape Town. Although some other major cities are on a more level footing with South Africa’s safest town, the popular location has a significant cost-busting advantage over the Mother City.

  • Basic utilities (gas, water, electric) are around 25% to 50% higher in Hermanus, according to Numbeo
  • But childcare costs in Hermanus are estimated to be 25% to 30% cheaper than Cape Town
  • Retail prices, for items like clothes and shoes, are between 10% to 35% cheaper in SA’s safest town
  • Groceries are roughly 10% cheaper AND restaurant prices are 17% less expensive in H-town
  • You can see a full, comprehensive list of estimated food prices here:
Most food and beverage items cost less in Hermanus than they do in Cape Town – Photo: Numbeo