Watch SA won’t have clean drinking water video

SA won’t have clean drinking water in 10 years. Image: iStock

Blue Drop Report: Municipalities with the cleanest water in Gauteng

The Blue Drop Report, released on 5 December 2023, highlighted municipalities in Gauteng with the highest standards of clean water.

Watch SA won’t have clean drinking water video

SA won’t have clean drinking water in 10 years. Image: iStock

In a recent Blue Drop audit conducted on 5 December 2023, the City of Johannesburg, City of Ekurhuleni, and Midvaal Local Municipality, in conjunction with Rand Water, emerged as exemplary performers, garnering well-deserved recognition for their commitment to clean water.

Rand Water’s Vereeniging Water Treatment Works underwent a meticulous technical site assessment. Resulting in an outstanding Blue Drop score of 97% excellence.

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Highlight of municipalities with cleanest water in Gauteng

This accomplishment underscores the municipalities’ collaborative efforts and dedication to providing communities with reliable and top-notch water services.

The audit highlighted the exceptional performance of the City of Johannesburg, where stringent water quality monitoring practices were evident. Residents within the city’s jurisdiction can rest assured that their tap water meets the highest standards, ensuring its safety for direct consumption.

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Similarly, the City of Ekurhuleni demonstrated commendable compliance with water quality standards during the audit. The municipality’s commitment to maintaining first-class water quality reflects positively on the well-being of its residents.

Midvaal Local Municipality, in collaboration with Rand Water, showcased exemplary practices, emphasisng their shared goal of protecting the health of consumers. The audit results validate their commitment to delivering water services that meet or exceed regulatory standards.

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Rand Water is committed to keeping its customers satisfied with the water quality

Rand Water, echoing its commitment to customer satisfaction. Pledges ongoing efforts to provide high-quality water services.

“Rand Water assures it’s customers to continously providing them with high quality water and to strive to assist Water Service Authorities to address the gaps with the common goal of striving to always protect the health of consumers,” read the statement.

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