Brackenfell protest

Image via: screenshot from supplied video

Brackenfell protest: Police unleash water cannons, stun grenades [video]

The EFF, as promised, have shown up in their numbers outside Brackenfell High School. The police have since retaliated with mass force.

Brackenfell protest

Image via: screenshot from supplied video

Brackenfell High School and the surrounds has become the centre of sheer chaos on Friday 20 November 2020. 

The idea of a protest first came to light after news broke that a matric party was planned and didn’t include learners of colour. The school, however, claimed that it was a private event. Although this is not the first time the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have descended on the school in an effort to fight racism, the police have launched full firepower on Friday. 


In supplied videos, protesters can be seen running through the streets frantically. This, after police let loose on water cannons, stun grenades and a blue liquid. 

Earlier this week, Western Cape Minister of Education Debbie Schäfer said the City of Cape Town granted the EFF permission to protest provided only 100 members take part. 

The EFF in the Western Cape took to Twitter on Friday morning saying that “racist police” shot stun grenades and water cannons at peaceful protesters in Brackenfell. 


On Friday morning, Western Cape Minister of Community Safety undertook an oversight visit to Brackenfell.

During the visit, he engaged with senior SAPS officials and said he was satisfied with their preparations to ensure that order was maintained, and that the safety of the school, its teachers and its learners would be guaranteed.

“The EFF has a constitutional right to protest, but this must be done peacefully. The EFF must remain off school grounds, as protesting on school property is prohibited by the South African Schools Act, and they must ensure that all COVID-19 protocols are observed, including mask wearing and physical distancing,” he said. 

“I again reiterate the call made by the SAPS and the City of Cape Town for the public to avoid the area around Brackenfell High School. It is critical that there are no attempts at escalating the conflict by any individual or grouping, as this will only make the situation more difficult for SAPS to manage,” he added. 

“We all need to remain calm and give the SAPS the space needed to manage the protest effectively,” he added.