bonang Matheba tax fraud

Photo: bonang_m / instagram

Bonang Matheba: Here’s what happens next after tax fraud case postponed

Bonang Matheba is set to return to court next month after her tax fraud case was postponed. Here’s what you need to know…

bonang Matheba tax fraud

Photo: bonang_m / instagram

Right now, it ain’t easy being Bonang Matheba. The TV personality is facing tax fraud charges for offences allegedly committed between 2007 – 2017.

She appeared at The Specialised Commercial Crimes Court court on Thursday, after receiving a summons last week. Had she failed to turn up, there would have been a warrant for her arrest issued. Make no mistake, these are some very serious accusations that the South African superstar is facing.

The judge has pushed the case back by six weeks, but what can we expect to happen between now and the resumption of the trial, and what about a potential sentencing? That’s what we’re here to explain:

Bonang Matheba in court – here’s what happens next with her tax fraud case:

When she’s back in court

The case has been postponed until Wednesday 14 November. Bonang’s legal team have stated that they need a period of time to make representations. Essentially, they need a little longer to prepare their defence.

Has bail been arranged?

There are no bail conditions set for the TV host, so she can roam free. However, if she does not appear in court on 14 November, a warrant for her arrest will be issued and she would then be taken into police custody.

Who is forming her defence?

As well a top-squad of lawyer’s, Bonang is also represented by Celebrity Services Africa (CSA). They are working with their client and the lawmakers to make this process go as smoothly as possible. Furthermore, her manager Davin Phillips told TimesLive that she had also hired a new audit team to work with Sars.


There are a total of 15 counts levelled against her, split into 11 personal issue and four with her administrative team. They are all in relation to tax fraud.

Possible sentence

It’s important to make the distinction, here. Bonang is only facing charges of tax fraud, rather than tax evasion or attempting to claim undue refunds. Her alleged crime is that she’s not filed her tax returns. Under this branch of law, the maximum punishment is two years and a hefty fine.

For future reference, evasion comes with a maximum penalty of five years behind bars.