Photo: Flickr / JB Dodane

Body found at Sea Point Beach: SAPS working to solve ‘grim case’

A woman in her thirties was found dead near the Sea Point Swimming Pools on Sunday, as police continue to comb the nearby beach for answers.


Photo: Flickr / JB Dodane

Police have asked for assistance from the public on Monday, following the discovery of a dead body near Sea Point Beach. The unidentified female was found in the surfline near the public swimming pools – but the circumstances surrounding this incident remain a total mystery.

Body found at Sea Point Beach – what we know so far

We have, however, been able to establish some key facts, which shed a little more light on this baffling case:

  • It’s understood the woman was aged somewhere in her thirties.
  • The deceased was dressed in a pair of black tights and a pink bikini bra.
  • She was discovered floating near the Sea Point Swimming Pools just before 11:00 on Sunday.

NSRI recover an unknown woman from the sea

The National Sea Rescue Institute were the first responders on the scene. They confirmed that two crews were involved in the recovery of the deceased, which also involved a team of divers. According to a statement issued by the NSRI, the body has now been sent to the pathologist for further investigations.

“At 10:53, Sunday, 10 January, NSRI Table Bay duty crew, NSRI Bakoven duty crew, and NSRI EOC (Emergency Operations Centre) were alerted to reports of a body in the surfline in front of Sea Point Swimming Pool. NSRI duty crews were placed on alert and the NSRI Bakoven sea rescue craft, in the area at the time, diverted to investigate.”

“Unconfirmed reports suggested that a body of an unidentified female was on the beach and on investigation it was confirmed that the body of an unidentified female was still in the surfline. The body was recovered onto the beach by Police divers and taken into the care of WC Government Health Forensic Pathology Services.”

NSRI statement