Black Friday

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Black Friday 2019: The best deals from Takealot, Makro and the iStore

With Black Friday fast approaching, we need to be prepared. Here’s the best online deals from Takealot, Makro and the iStore.

Black Friday

Image via: ‘Archive Photo.’

We are officially in November and with that, comes the festive season rush; the food, the gifts, the parties, the list is never-ending. Lucky for us all, Black Friday is set to kick off on 29 November, so naturally, we need to know where to get the best deals for those needs and wants, without breaking the bank. 

As most of us have learnt, online shopping has become the ultimate convenience, so here’s the best online deals at Takealot, Makro and the iStore. Gird your loins South Africa! 

Takealot Black Friday deals 

According to BusinessTech, Takealot said that its ‘Blue Dot Sale’ will run over a five day period starting on 29 November.

It will see a range of new deals throughout the weekend as well as on Cyber Monday on 2 December and Takealot Tuesday on 3 December, with up to 60% off thousands of items.

For the first time, Takealot said it will also be giving their shoppers exclusive early access to some of its Black Friday deals starting on the 24 November.

Takealot CEO, Kim Reid said that this year, they are anticipating the biggest Black Friday yet, a culmination of months of tech and operational business-wide focus to prepare for increased predicted traffic and shopper volumes.

Makro Black Friday deals 

While Black Friday is set to fall on 29 November 2019, Makro said that it will run its deals over five days, from 27 November to 1 December, dubbed the ‘Black 5 Day.’

Makro added that in 2018 they featured an ‘online drive-thru service’ at the Makro Riversands store, focusing on checkout processes in 2019.

“We have been focusing on improving our checkout process by reducing queues through the mobile pay-point system,” the retailer said. 

It added that it will also be focusing on special deals through its mobile app.

“Our aim is to save customers money over the period. Look out for an even broader range of deals available through mRewards.”

Refer to the brochure below:

iStore deals 

The South African iStore has launched its Grey Friday deals for 2019, a promotion it describes as ‘Black Friday but a week earlier.

The group said that the specials will be available online-only, between 09:00 and 21:00 on 22 November.

The iStore said that a number of items are on sale including:

  • Macbook bundle deals
  • iPads
  • iPhones
  • Apple TVs
  • Headphones
  • Covers
  • Various accessories

The MacBook 12-inch 256GB Bundle Deal in Space Grey was initially R21 295. It is now on sale for R15 999. The Beats EP On-Ear headphones in white were originally priced at R1 499 and they are now on sale for R999.

You can find the full list of items on sale here

Superbalist deals 

Superbalist’s Showdown sale will run from 29 November to 3 December with up to 70% off more than 15 000 items.

See site below: