Bheki Cele Businesses lockdown

Photo: GCIS

Businesses face R5k fines, ‘forced closures’ for breaking new lockdown rules

Police Minister Bheki Cele has been throwing his weight around again on Tuesday, issuing a stern warning to businesses who ignore the new lockdown rules.

Bheki Cele Businesses lockdown

Photo: GCIS

Bheki Cele has already issued an ultimatum to businesses who plan to skirt the latest lockdown regulations, which were officially updated on Tuesday. New rules for alcohol sales, beach closures, and gatherings have been introduced to slow the spread of COVID-19 in South Africa – after we entered our second wave of infections last week.

What will happen to businesses that ignore lockdown rules?

Known as something of an ‘enforcer’, Cele has made a host of controversial comments throughout the lockdown – and revelled in his status as the pantomime villain during both alcohol bans. His latest comments, though perhaps not quite as contentious this time, will still raise eyebrows amongst the business community.

The minister has warned all employers that breaking these new lockdown rules will set you back with a R5 000 fine. The punishments then get steeper. Businesses caught flouting the rules for a second time will be forcibly shut-down for a week. If, somehow, the laws are still being ignored a third time, a workplace can be closed down for a whopping three months.

No compliance, no mercy: Bheki Cele vows to take tough action against rulebreakers

Cele has vowed to deal with anyone in a management position who believes they are ‘above the law’:

“Businesses breaking COVID-19 protocols will be fined R5 000. If you repeat, we suspend your business for seven days. Do it a third time, and we will shut you down for three months. People who are breaking the law, we will deal with their management to tell them their establishments are facing the danger of being shut down.”

Bheki Cele
  • SAPS spokesperson Lirandzu Themba also posted an update to her Twitter page: