Zuma Cele

Image via: @DZumaSambudla / Twitter

Watch: Cele breaks his silence on Nkandla meeting with Zuma

Police Minister Bheki Cele met with former President Jacob Zuma on Thursday in Nkandla and now we know why.

Zuma Cele

Image via: @DZumaSambudla / Twitter

It may not be a tea party but boy do we have the tea! Police Minister Bheki Cele has finally let the cat out of the bag regarding a controversial meeting he had with former President Jacob Zuma at his Nkandla home on Thursday 18 February 2021. 

The meeting came not too long after Economic Freedom Fighter Julius Malema’s meeting — or tea party — with the former president. While the details regarding these meetings have been limited, they have occurred after Zuma went against a constitutional court order regarding his appearance at the Zondo Commission into State Capture. 


Following the meeting on Thursday, Cele’s spokesperson Lirandzu Themba said he would update the African National Congress (ANC) leadership first before engaging the media. 

She also said there was no date as to when he would be meeting with the ANC. Perhaps that meeting happened sooner than expected because just one day later, we have the scoop. 

Cele addressed the media regarding Zuma shortly after releasing the latest crime statistics on Friday afternoon. 

“This is high profile, there are many cases where we make the visit if you can make the contribution to prevent the thing to happen before it happens and becomes a disaster if it does become a disaster,” he said. 

“It was on that score to speak to the former president, to raise some concerns, to hear his concerns and see where to take those concerns forward for both as a responsible citizen of the country but as a person that has extra responsibility. If things can be prevented, it is always much better,” Cele added. 


On Thursday, while details were still sketchy, Zuma’s daughter took to Twitter posting pictures of the pair’s meeting. 

She said no tea was served but great conversations and laughs were shared amongst the comrades. She said one topic of conversation was that should an arrest warrant be issued, Cele would fetch Zuma personally.