Beyoncé to star in Saartjie Ba

Beyoncé to star in Saartjie Baartman movie – reports

According to reports, Beyoncé is hoping to make a movie about Saartjie Baartman, in a bid to be taken seriously as an actor.

Beyoncé to star in Saartjie Ba

Beyoncé is reportedly writing her own film which will tell the story of Saartjie Baartman. Baartman was a South African woman who was “exhibited” in Europe  in the 1800s because her features were considered “unusual”.

She was made to perform in so-called “freak shows” in London. Later, she was taken to Paris, where she was paraded in a cage like an animal. She died in poverty five years later, aged 25, from an unknown infection. After she died, her body was dissected and stood on display for more than a century at The Museum of Man in Paris. It wasn’t until 2002 that her body was returned to South Africa and buried here.

According to reports, Beyoncé is in talks with  a whole host of acting coaches and writers to make the movie a reality.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Beyoncé is desperate to be taken seriously as an actress. Even though she’s had a string of well-received movies, she still feels her breakthrough role is yet to come.

“She now wants to write a screenplay that gains her respect – and hopefully awards – from the film industry, and thinks Saartjie’s story could be her ticket. Winning an Academy Award would mean everything to her, and she’s a woman who is used to getting exactly what she wants.”

Other reports suggest that there will be plenty of South African filmmakers involved in the movie, but securing funding without a drawcard like Beyonce would be difficult, hency her rumoured involvement.

SA Actors Guild’s Jack Devnarain raised some concerns about the portrayal in an interview with Radio 702.

“As a producer, you have the right to tell the stories of people you find fascinating and that’s what we must be careful not to object to.

“For me, the main concern is: are we doing justice to the person. Are we taking a careful and conscious look at what Saartjie Baartman’s story was all about and will that be served? I’m not particularly convinced that Beyoncé is that right actor for that particular role.”