SADC Zimbabwe election report

Nevers Mumba. image via Twitter @ChangeRadioZW

‘Behold SADC is reborn’: SADC’s Zimbabwe election observers report impressed the world [video]

‘They have told the truth and the truth alone’: SADC’s observers report on Zimbabwe elections left the world praising its transformation.

SADC Zimbabwe election report

Nevers Mumba. image via Twitter @ChangeRadioZW

SADC’s Zimbabwe election observers report left many people worldwide praising its transformation.

SADC observers in Zimbabwe shocked the world for actually reporting the truth happening in Zimbabwe.

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For many years, SADC had been known for hiding the truth in elections in the region.

This was also the case with Zimbabwe’s 2018 elections, which the opposition could not accept.

Despite many constitutional violations, SADC always sided with the ruling party.

Many people grew to hate SADC, calling it a useless body, but this year’s report on Zimbabwe elections impressed.

SADC Zimbabwe election report
Zimbabweans voting. image via Instagram @daddyhope2


Former Vice President of Zambia Nerves Mumba gave a report that shocked many people worldwide.

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His report was clear so much that he reported the failures of Zimbabwe’s electorate body (ZEC).

He continued saying that what they obsessed with rests within Zimbabweabs to determine the next step.

Dr Mumba, however, refused to rule the election unfairly since the observation continued.

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This also impressed Zimbaian political Joseph Kalimbwe, who thanked SADC for a job well done.

“People of Southern Africa, thank you for trusting our leader, Hakainde Hichilema, as Chairman of the SADC Troika and through him – the appointment of Nevers Mumba as SADC Elections Observer Head. SADC here goes – the commander in Chief !!!” he said.


After Change Radio shared a video of SADC’s Zimbabwe election observers report, Zimbabweans were more than happy.

They all said, at last, the truth had been told, and they seemed to be sure of the change of government.

“Chigumba was made to think she is an untouchable demigod; that’s why she has this careless attitude for a person who leads a commission that should put people and its credibility first.”

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“DAMN how I wish he was Zimbabwean. I would have thrown the Patriotic Bill on him. That statement is inciting & treasonous. “It is up to the people of Zimbabwe to make up their minds based on what we observed and what we think about the failure of ZEC to live up to their promise”

“Nevers can be bought like that. No sugar coating just row. Ichi chibaba ichi”

“Nevers Mumba is a formed vice President of the nation of Zambia. He is also a powerful man of God. I respect him for standing up for the truth . This is what church must be known for not just lead people to be emotional”