Be careful at the ATMs. SAPS

Be careful at the ATMs. SAPS

The South African Police Service has warned individuals to be extra cautious when withdrawing money from ATMs in Johannesburg.

Be careful at the ATMs. SAPS

“We would like to warn the community not to become victims. Suspects target people after withdrawing money from the bank or at an ATM,” Captain Xoli Mbele said on Wednesday.

Mbele said Johannesburg central police officers were investigating several cases where victims were robbed after withdrawing large amounts of money.

In most cases, the suspects were women working with men.

The modus operandi of the robbers involved creating what appeared to be a bundle of money.

“One of them will walk in front of the victim and throw the bundle of money on the floor, then one of their accomplices will pick it up in front of the victim.”

“Inside of that bundle are papers and on top they put one real paper money – [a] R100 or R200 note.”

Mbele said the robber would then tell the targeted victim they could share the money, because both of them had seen it.

The victim would then be lured to a secluded place where the robber and accomplices would assault them and steal their money.