Back-to-school jitters

It’s back-to-school season. Photo: Unsplash

Back-to-school: Tips for first-day jitters

The start of the 2024 school calendar marks the back-to-school transition. Here are some tips to deal with those first-day jitters.

Back-to-school jitters

It’s back-to-school season. Photo: Unsplash

The start of the 2024 school calendar marks the back-to-school transition, outlining the start and end dates for the first term. For parents and kids, the prospect of the first day can be overwhelming.

Beginning on 17 January, the first term officially kicks off, marking the initiation of the academic year. Structured and clearly delineated, the school calendar sets the tone for a focused and engaging learning experience.

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As the first-day approaches, back-to-school preparation becomes important for both parents and children.

1. Lay out clothes

Lay out clothes, pack backpacks, and discuss the next day’s schedule with your child. This straightforward approach minimises morning chaos, promoting a calm and organised beginning.

2. Encourage a positive mindset

Encouraging a positive mindset is equally crucial, according to educational psychologists. Engage your child in discussions about the exciting aspects of the upcoming school year.

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Focusing on positive experiences helps alleviate anxiety and creates a more optimistic outlook.

3. Open communication

Open communication stands out as a key element, according to experts. They emphasise the importance of creating a space for your child to express their feelings about the first day.

Share your own experiences to foster a sense of camaraderie, assuring them they are not alone in feeling nervous.

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In addition, psychologists suggest incorporating small routines. Familiar actions, such as a special breakfast or a goodbye ritual, provide stability and ease transitions, making the first day less daunting.

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Lastly, arriving early on the first day is a valuable tip from experts. It allows your child to acclimate to the new environment and meet classmates before the hustle and bustle begins.

In summary, as the 2024 school year begins, parents can rely on expert-backed tips to transform the nerve-wracking first-day experience into a smooth and enjoyable start.

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