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Back to school: Julius Malema has a message for grade one learners [video]

The EFF’s statement was all good until Malema opened his mouth.

julius malema Zuma Bheki Cele

Twitter / EFFSouthAfrica

It is back to school season yet again and the country is abuzz with children of all ages, gearing up to tackle this year’s curriculum. EFF leader, Julius Malema, also took the time to send his wishes to the learners, particularly the grade one kiddies who are embarking on their 12-year school cycle for the first time.

The red berets, on Tuesday, issued a statement speaking on the importance of grooming grade one learners with quality education that will ensure that a large majority of them complete their 12-year school cycle in the said period.

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“We impress upon the Minister and Department of Education that preparing for Matric exams begins tomorrow with each child who will report for Grade one. Care must be given to ensure quality education, not only 12 years later when the department cannot account for 60% of them, as is the case each year during matric results,” the statement read.

It is frightening, to say the least, that the possibility that a majority of grade one learners who have entered the school system this year may not complete the cycle in 12 years.

South Africa’s education system has seen a shocking 35% grade one learners from 12 years ago matriculate this year. That is telling of how critical it is to instill the best schooling practices on learners as early as in the first grade and this is what the EFF impressed upon the government in their statement.

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“No country must ever satisfy itself with such a track record, unable to ensure that majority of its youth, particularly the poor and marginalised, attains a National Senior Certificate (NSC),” the red berets added.

Malema, in his message, warned schools to not turn learners away based on the colour of their skin. He further went on to issue a mild threat, stating that if there was any news of private schools turning away children based on skin colour, then there would be consequences.

Watch: Julius Malema’s message to learners