load shedding Eskom

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Averting load-shedding: Eskom urges public to REDUCE electricity use

Eskom has pleaded with customers to use electricity sparingly and reduce pressure off its power system

load shedding Eskom

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The recent cold conditions have had some bearing on the country’s power crisis: Eskom has urged its customers to limit the amount of electricity they use, particularly as the South African Weather Service (SAWS) has warned of adverse conditions making their way.

Eskom spokesperson Sikhonathi Mantshantsha says the cold fronts will exert major pressure on its system and we all know what that could lead to – load – shedding.

In a statement sent on Tuesday afternoon, 20 July 2021, the embattled power utility stresses that load-shedding is not on the cards (at least yet).

“The South African Weather Service has warned that a succession of cold fronts is expected to sweep across the country this week, going into the weekend. Following this warning, Eskom would like to appeal to the members of the public to reduce the usage of electricity as the cold conditions will put severe pressure on the power system,” Mantshantsha said.

Eskom: No load-shedding for South Africa

For now, South Africans shouldn’t be expecting any bad news on the electricity front, as Eskom says its system is doing well. It’s been five weeks since the last bout of load-shedding was implemented by the utility.

“The system is currently performing relatively well, and Eskom is not expecting to implement loadshedding at this point. Eskom has not implemented loadshedding since 13 June 2021 due to some improvement in the performance of the Generation fleet”

Eskom spokesperson Sikhonathi Mantshantsha

Eskom says as the adverse weather conditions continue raging on in the country, its power system will be at risk and could prompt the utility to resort to other measures.

“However, the cold front will increase the demand for electricity thereby putting pressure on the power system. Therefore, Eskom urges the people of South Africa to help reduce electricity usage in order to ease the pressure on the system,” Mantshantsha said.