Mdantsane community accused of killing man believed to have killed girl, 6.

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At least 14 people killed in KwaZulu-Natal horror crash

Authorities are piecing together the circumstances which led to the fatal crash

Mdantsane community accused of killing man believed to have killed girl, 6.

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Fourteen people have died after being involved in a massive road accident on the N3 highway in KwaZulu-Natal on Monday, 9 November 2020.

According to Emergency Management Services, the incident occurred in Escourt. Two trucks and a minibus are believed to have collided on the highway. One person was transported to seek further medical attention.

All the victims were occupants of the minibus taxi – 13 of them were female while only one was male.

“Last night paramedics and Emergency Management Services responded to a serious crash on the N3 highway in the vicinity of Estcourt in KZN. The truck involved two trucks and a mininus taxi,” said Emergency Management Services spokesperson Robert McKenzie.

“Tragically 14 people have sustained fatal injuries in this crash…One patient was critically injured and was transported to hospital for continued medical care. The exact cause of the crash is not known at this stage and is being investigated by police”

Emergency Management Services spokesperson Robert McKenzie

Concerns over road carnage

This is the latest tragedy occurring on KZN roads to rock the province. In October 13 people were killed in a major crash on the R66 between Ulundi and Melmoth. The accident involved a taxi and a truck.

It also comes as the festive season is approaching – a period where road carnage has been a cause for concern in the country. Close to 600 people died on the country’s roads between December 2019 and January 2020.

KwaZulu-Natal for Transport, Community Safety and Liaison Bheki Ntuli has called on motorists to be extra cautious on the roads, in the wake of the road crashes.

“…it is crucial for road users to be cognizant of the factors that contribute to road carnages such as speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We are committed to ending road carnage and will continue to ensure road safety in the province through strategic traffic enforcement, education and robust community engagement,” Ntuli said.