Photo by Wakil Kohsar / AFP

DIRCO scrambling to help ‘a number of South Africans’ left in Afghanistan

Consular officials for DIRCO have confirmed that there are some South Africans stuck in Afghanistan – where the situation remains volatile.


Photo by Wakil Kohsar / AFP

In the ongoing chaos that has engulfed Afghanistan this week, DIRCO has confirmed that some South Africans remain within the confines of the country. The capital Kabul fell to the Taliban – alongside all other major cities and districts – over the weekend, prompting a mass exodus from residents desperate to flee the incoming regime.

Confirmed: There ARE South Africans still in Afghanistan

On Monday, we witnessed heartbreaking scenes at Kabul Airport, as thousands of scared citizens attempted to force their way onto planes and secure a route out of Afghanistan. However, not everyone was successful with their escape efforts, and several people were actually killed during the chaotic scramble.

DIRCO now finds itself under pressure to provide assistance to a handful of SA nationals stuck in the volatile nation. Mzansi’s embassy to Afghanistan is actually located in Islamabad, Pakistan – posing a logistical problem for many of our fellow countrymen or women looking to hot-foot it over the border.

DIRCO ‘ready to assist’ those in need

However, Clayson Monyela – a spokesperson for DIRCO – has confirmed that contact HAS been made with the so-called ‘left behinds’, and he is optimistic that they will receive the necessary consular assistance.

“The South African Government calls on the authority in power to ensure that the rule of law, human rights and safety of all Afghans and foreign nationals alike are protected. We wish to appeal to all military and security groups to exercise the utmost restraint and protect the lives and property of the people.”

“The restoration of stability and an orderly transition to a new government is key. DIRCO has established, via the South African High Commission in Islamabad, Pakistan that they are in contact with a number of South African nationals based in Afghanistan to ensure their safety and provide the necessary consular assistance.”

  • Here are the vital contact details for anyone seeking more information about the status of South Africans in Afghanistan: