Motshekga Permit school learners why

Photo: GovernmentZA / Twitter

Motshekga says some pupils, teachers ‘need a permit’ for travelling to school

Some things only get more complicated at Level 3. Angie Motshekga says this minority of parents and learners must now acquire a permit to attend school.

Motshekga Permit school learners why

Photo: GovernmentZA / Twitter

Angie Motshekga’s delayed press conference on the Education Department’s back to school plans has ruffled a few feathers on Monday. She addressed issues relating to homeschooling and exam timetables, but also made it clear that certain pupils and teachers will require ‘a permit’ for undertaking their journeys.

Who needs a permit for travelling to school?

The briefing took place following a postponement on Sunday. A lack of organisation had left parents confused and angered over which date students would be required to return to the classroom. Already, we’ve seen learners go back to school in the Western Cape on Monday, despite the reopening date being pushed back to 8 June.

However, Motshekga confirmed that parents and learners who have to travel into different provinces, districts or metros for their education must be in possession of a specific permit.

Angie Motshekga confirms ‘permit’ requirement for certain people

As gazetted by the government on Friday, here’s what the new laws say:

Travel between provinces, metropolitan areas and districts are allowed for –

– Officials and educators who perform an essential or permitted service during the applicable Alert Level and who have to commute to and from work on a daily basis.

– Learners who have been issued with a certificate to commute to and from school on a daily basis.

– Any person transporting a learner to school must be issued with a permit, as contemplated in regulation 34 (7) of the Regulations.

On Monday, follow-up details about the particulars of these permits were made public:

  • The permits can be issued by the heads of department, a delegated official, a principal, or one of their delegates.
  • The certificate referred to must contain the name and address of the school, and the particulars of the learner concerned.
  • Each person transporting a learner to school – either privately or through scholar travel – must be issued with a permit, too.
  • The certificate must be issued no later than seven days from the respective start dates specified for the phased return of learners.

If you travel between provinces and districts for school, read this…

Although a majority of South Africans will be unaffected by these changes, thousands now face the daunting prospect of acquiring the correct paperwork before schools reopen fully next week.

You can find further information about the paperwork – and how to secure your permits – by visiting the ‘Basic Education’ file on the government gazette’s website.