Angelo agrizzi bosasa anc

Image credit: Twitter/eNCA

State Capture: ’80 people received illegal cash payments,’ – Angelo Agrizzi says Bosasa laundered money to the ANC

In an unexpected twist – or not – Angelo Agrizzi named the ANC in his testimony.

Angelo agrizzi bosasa anc

Image credit: Twitter/eNCA

Agrizzi confirmed that money was looted from youth centres in the North West and given to the party. In some cases, the money was paid over for “non-existent work.”

The former Bosasa Chief Operating Officer continued to outline how illegal cash payments “would be passed off in their accounting systems.” He also highlighted in detail how the party concealed unlawful cash transactions.

Ghost workers at Bosasa and illegal payments to the ANC

He detailed how they paid ghost workers with money meant for Bosasa’s renovations projects. According to Agrizzi, more than 80 people received monthly illegal payments from Bosasa.

Erin Bates reported from the court that Agrizzi has “now officially named the governing party in connection with bribe money. […] Agrizzi implicated Syvion Dlamini and a North West MEC.” She added:

“Agrizzi says that at Lindela Repatriation Centre, detainees would pay cash for groceries at the canteen and were not allowed private cell phones, so were forced to use pay-as-you-go type phone lines, which was another method Bosasa used to obtain cash.”

South Africans are following his testimony with bated breath, with Bandile taking to Twitter. He said: “Angelo Agrizzi must mention names. We are waiting for the mentioning of names, we want to know who received how much so that they can share the money with us.”

A Twitter user known only as hills007, said South Africa doesn’t have “enough jail for all these thieves,” while Sibusiso Malaza succinctly added: “Angelo Agrizzi is sining his lungs off up there on that stand!”

Angelo Agrizzi’s previous allegations

Earlier in his testimony, Agrizzi alleged that former SAA chief Dudu Myeni granted him access to the confidential National Prosecuting Authority file at the Sheraton Hotel in Pretoria.

OR Tambo and SAPO statff were named as recipients for bribes, or rather, “grey security bags full of money” for staff at the Airport, while SAPO officials received Cartier pens and cufflinks.

More to follow. The case is developing; we will share updates as new information becomes available.

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