ANCYL 76th birthday

The ANCYL celebrate their 76th birthday on 10 September 2020. Photo: ANCYL

ANCYL celebrate 76th birthday by marching to remove ‘elderly’ members

The ANCYL have continued to call for leaders in the organisation aged older than 35 to make way for younger members to take them forward.

ANCYL 76th birthday

The ANCYL celebrate their 76th birthday on 10 September 2020. Photo: ANCYL

On the 76th anniversary of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL), members of the organisation have mobilised in various parts of the country to march to ANC head offices and demand that elderly leaders make way for a younger generation to lead the youth. 

The ANCYL said on Thursday 10 September that they no longer want older members to lead the organisation, saying that despite the restriction on membership to the group currently set between 18 and 35-years-old, there remain many members who are well beyond this age demographic and who need to be moved on. 

ANCYL call for removal of ‘old people’  

ANCYL convenor Kolobe Mamabolo told The Citizen that the average age of the organisation’s leadership is well above that which is desired, and suggested that old bones may be having a tough time managing the ANCYL as effectively as they should be. 

“We are saying to old people that they’ve got too much on their plate, and not enough time to deal with the issues affecting young people. The youth are the voice,” he said. 

He told the Citizen that members in Gauteng marched to Gandhi Square, and made their way to Walter Sisulu House to voice their concerns, and said that the ANC need to intervene and assist them in bringing their demands to fruition.  

“They [older members] are not focused. They cannot lead every structure and give it their full attention. We want to give the youth a mechanism to focus on what concerns them,” he said. 

“We need the ANC to intervene as a mother body and remove the old people to give the youth a chance.” 

Calls for older members’ removal unanswered

In August, the ANCYL penned a letter addressed to ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule, requesting that he put it to the mother organisation that they should remove all people above 35 years of age on constitutional grounds. 

“In the age of the world of the internet, had the ANCYL been led by agile and innovative young people, we would have long seen innovative solutions for conducting virtual Branch General Meetings, Annual General Meetings, Regional Conferences, Provincial Conferences and a National Conference,” the letter read. 

“This is a practice that other political parties around the world have adopted – the current elections processes in the United States of America is a case in point.”

Magashule was given until 2 September to respond to the letter, which was signed by 107 ANCYL members. It seems that the requests of the organisation fell on deaf ears.