ANC Youth League leader apolog

ANC Youth League leader apologises for call to arms… well, kinda

ANCYL president Collen Maine has apologised for calling on MK veterans to “take up arms in defence of president Jacob Zuma,” after senior party members gave him a proper talking to.

ANC Youth League leader apolog

Maine, the Youth League’s newest shitstirrer – in the wake of Julius Malema’s unceremonious departure – has given an almost-apology for inciting violence against those who speak out against Zuma.

He’s subsequently retracted his statement, made at a rally in support of Zuma held in Durban over the weekend. ANC senior leaders, including the president, had a talk to Maine and that seems to have been that.

“The president gave me a stern talking to,” Maine said, but just had to add that while he’s apologising unconditionally, he does not believe his comments were inciting violence.

Not one to miss an opportunity to bash ‘counter-revolutionaries’, Maine said that, unlike former Youth League president Julius Malema, he listens when the leadership speaks.

“I am not like that popcorn Malema.”