ANC Youth Day

A stock photo of the African National Congress flag Image: Twitter

ANC has its say on Ukraine invasion, slams UN & ‘imperialist manipulation’

The ANC has decided to weigh in on all things Ukraine and Russia. Like most things the ANC does, it’s pretty back and forth…

ANC Youth Day

A stock photo of the African National Congress flag Image: Twitter

We have already had days of comments from President Cyril Ramaphosa and a statement from the Department of International Relations. Now, the ANC has decided it’s time to weigh in on the Ukraine invasion in its own party capacity. While the vast majority of the world is criticising Russia and Vladimir Putin, the ANC is doing no such thing.

ANC has its say on Russia vs Ukraine

In a statement released on Sunday, the party expressed its “deep concern” for the rapid escalation of conflict between the two counties. The party says that while some have been “beating the drums of war”, it is firm in calling for peaceful dialogue between the countries.

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The ANC also has some very strong words for the United Nations. In fact, the strongest words in the entire statement are directed at the UN. The party says some global leaders are embarrassingly biased.

“The ANC strongly believes that it must be the parties, who are directly involved in the conflict, that must not only commit but come to the negotiating table for resolution of such conflict. History is littered with wars that have been ended or even averted through negotiations. However, the dismal failure of the UN cannot be swept under the carpet, more so that, when some World leaders are openly biased in their judgement.”

ANC Chairperson on International Relations Lindiwe Zulu

“Brazen propaganda” and criticism of the west

The West also comes up for some big criticism from the governing party. Zulu calls on concerned global citizens to “apply their mind” and not become prey to “imperialist” manipulation.

“We cannot leave the hypocrisy of those who want only to attack, invade and occupy other countries unchallenged. Not to mention the devastation they leave behind which takes decades if not generations to rehabilitate.”

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