Zizi Kodwa

ANC takes flak for “cast member” statement about Emmy-winning SA doccie

That awkward moment when it looks like you’re referring to dead people as cast members.

Zizi Kodwa

So, as you might know, Miners Shot Down – a documentary about the Marikana massacre – won an international Emmy this week. In its infinite wisdom, the ANC released a statement congratulating the “cast members” – clearly confused about the fact that a documentary is real life.

The statement proved particularly unpopular on Twitter.

Some people said that by referring to “cast members” the ANC showed that they had not watched the documentary.

Others tried to give the ANC the benefit of the doubt and tweeted the ruling party, asking for it to clarify what it meant by “cast members”.

ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa told News24 that the “cast members” were in fact in reference to the production team.

In his earlier statement he said: “As we congratulate and celebrate this historic victory, the ANC encourages South African voices to continue telling the story of South Africa, as difficult as some episodes of it may be and with all its trials and tribulations.

“It is our strong belief that the arts, and the film industry in particular, is an important voice in the definition of a South African narrative by South Africans themselves.”

The film covers the 2012 Marikana shooting when mineworkers at Lonmin’s platinum mine in the North West embarked on a wildcat strike for better wages.

Police opened fire on striking workers, killing 34 people. Ten people were killed in the preceding week, including two police officers and two security guards.