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ANC Leader in the Western Cape Cameron Dugmore. Photo: File

ANC plans on shutting down DA plans to allow alcohol in schools

Cameron Dugmore of the ANC Western Cape slams DA’s ‘alcohol in school’ bill.

anc da covid-19 western cape

ANC Leader in the Western Cape Cameron Dugmore. Photo: File

The DA faces the tough task of convincing the ANC that selling alcohol in schools is actually a good idea.

How does the ANC feel about the ‘alcohol in school’ bill?

However, the problem is that the ANC in the Western Cape is having none of it. The ruling party maintains that the region is already facing a massive problem with alcohol abuse and that introducing alcohol in school has adverse effects on the community.

ANC’s Western Cape region official, Cameron Dugmore, elaborated further, saying that “what communities are saying very clearly is we have a huge problem in this province. We have foetal alcohol syndrome and domestic violence linked to alcohol abuse”.

Why is the DA proposing this bill?

The DA’s stance on this is that this is an opportunity to help raise funds in order to reinvest in the school system. This would be on a special events basis only. According to the Western Cape Education Department MEC, Debbie Schafer, the bill would merely seek to regulate and already a common occurrence in schools.

She adds that “if alcohol is allowed, there is the other scenario where people may wish to rent out their halls at schools for events such as birthday parties in communities, and that can assist the school to get their infrastructure approved”.

Additionally, she stressed that this won’t only affect the poor but equally the rich communities. So, according to her, this is not a case of classism.

What does the community think of the bill?

After an Oudtshoorn community meeting, it is evident that the public wants the bill withdrawn immediately, citing that this is madness.

Cameron reiterated that they have the support of many people in the Western Cape who believe that the very conception of this bill was immature and nonsensical.