Eskom load shedding schedule wendesday

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‘Utter madness’: Critics slam ANC plans to ‘build another Eskom’

The DA’s Kevin Mileham isn’t happy with Gwede Mantashe and his plans to establish a second state energy provider to rival Eskom – here’s the tirade.

Eskom load shedding schedule wendesday

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After the ANC made their plans to create another state-owned energy provider to rival Eskom public on Monday, some saw the move as a radical change in policy. However, critics of the government’s proposals have been having kittens since then, and the shadow minister for energy has hit out at the ‘utter madness’ he believes it could bring.

ANC power plans slammed

Gwede Mantashe told the crowd at the 2020 Mining Indaba that the government want to start “generating electricity outside of Eskom“. The utility currently has Mzansi on a 21-hour, Stage 2 load shedding schedule until Thursday. The minister said that South Africa “needs a fail-safe”, and promised that a government-owned competitor would push down the price of our electricity bills.

More than 95% of South Africa’s power comes from Eskom. But the failing firm, hollowed-out by years of corruption and mismanagement, has a debt bill of R450 billion. After receiving a countless number of bailouts and cash injections, it would seem Mantashe and his friends are willing to make a radical change.

‘We don’t need another Eskom’

Kevin Mileham is Mantashe’s opposite number. He has taken an extremely negative view of this brainwave, lambasting the ruling party for trying to create ‘another version of Eskom’. The DA representative says that working with IPPs is a much more sound strategy than the one cooked-up by the mineral resources minister.

“This is utter madness. Instead of making the South African electricity supply sector more competitive, Government is seeking to extend its monopoly over electricity generation. Minister Manatshe’s comments and commitments are all good and well but mean nothing if it fails to amount to any tangible change.”

“South Africa doesn’t need another state-controlled entity for electricity generation when there is a myriad of Independent Power Producers (IPPs) who are ready and willing to generate electricity in order to diversify our energy mix, making it more reliable and cheaper. Mantashe must put his money where his mouth is.”

Kevin Mileham, DA shadown mineral resources and energy minister