ethewkini eff church ntuzuma

Photo: eThekwini EFF / Twitter

eThekwini: EFF claims ANC leader torched church over ‘noise complaint’

A church in Ntuzuma was burnt to the ground this week, but the alleged culprit may be a prominent politician. The EFF in eThekwini are seeking justice.

ethewkini eff church ntuzuma

Photo: eThekwini EFF / Twitter

The eThekwini branch of the EFF have raised a complaint that seems stranger than fiction. The Red Berets have vented their anger towards local ANC leader Bongani Khuluse, of the Ntuzuma community, and they accuse their political nemesis of having an extreme reaction to the noise made by a nearby church.

ANC member accused of burning down a church

Ntuzuma is based in the eThekwini Municipality of KwaZulu-Natal. Located north-west of Durban, the settlement borders the KwaMashu and Inanda areas. With a population of 114 231, Ntuzuma is the youngest of the four “PINK” programme townships, and was built by the City of Durban in the 1970s.

The church that was set alight this week had been a pillar for the community. As well as hosting various religious services, the venue had become a popular hub for celebrations, parties and live music. According to the EFF, this all got too much for Bongani Khuluse, who allegedly took drastic action to get his 40 winks.

eThekwini EFF slam “unacceptable behaviour”

In a statement posted to their Twitter page, the EFF of eThekwini labelled the behaviour “thuggish”, and they pleaded with authorities to make a swift arrest. However, it is also understood that Khuluse is currently in Pietermaritzburg, and tracking him down may not be an easy task for the SAPS.

“We have been informed that Bongani Khuluse has burnt down a church in Ntuzuma on accusations that the congregation was making noise and that he was unable to sleep. He therefore decided to burnt down the church to ashes so that he can sleep.

“This thuggish behaviour is unacceptable in society, especially from someone who is supposed to be a leader of our people. He has violated the rights of our people and also committed a crime. We call on the authorities to arrest this thug as a matter of urgency. We hope the authorities waste no time and swiftly arrest him.”

EFF eThekwini statement