This Zimbabwean wrote a poem about their liberation and it's set to melt hearts

ANC government ignored human rights abuses by Mugabe. HRW Report

Human Rights Watch has released a damning report accusing the South African government, and specifically Gwede Mantashe, of dismissing human rights abuses by the Zim government against its own people.

This Zimbabwean wrote a poem about their liberation and it's set to melt hearts

It says quite a lot about a government when, for the sake of some outdated loyalty to a criminally insane old dictator, you turn a blind eye to atrocities committed against those fighting for democracy.

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Ironic that the ANC, itself a movement that once stood for democracy, now protects a man who actively seeks to undermine the rights of those he liberated. Well, when we say liberated, he murdered 20 000 Zimbabweans to get to power, but hey… now we’re splitting hairs.

Anyway, in its 2017 World Report, Human Rights Watch (HRW) accuses South Africa of deliberately positioning itself in an ethically precarious space on the opposite side of human rights. HRW was referring to the ANC’s reaction to Robert Mugabe’s brutal treatment of Zimbabweans protesting against his autocratic government, where Gwede Mantashe dismissed the protests as “sponsored elements seeking regime change”.

“[South Africa] remained silent in the face of a rapidly deteriorating human rights situation in Zimbabwe. South Africa did not press Zimbabwe to end police brutality and respect the rights of protesters,” the report read.

Ah, but if only this was an isolated incident and government had, on other occasions, chose to sit on the side of human rights. Unfortunately, earlier in 2016, the ANC-led government voted against a UN Human Rights Council resolution on the protection of human rights on the internet.

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On another occasion SA chose to abstain on a vote that would see an independent UN body appointed for sexual orientation and gender identity.

“The abstention went against the country’s strong constitutional protections and domestic laws around sexual orientation and gender identity,” Human Rights Watch said.

Apart from government’s embarrassing behaviour at the UN, our decision to leave the International Criminal Court doesn’t exactly bode well either.

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