Pravin Gordhan EFF

Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan. File photo: Kopano Tlape/ GCIS

ANC squabbles: Pravin Gordhan handed a lifeline from colleagues

As the ANC’s internal battles spill over into the public eye, Pravin Gordhan becomes the first minister to get official backing from the party.

Pravin Gordhan EFF

Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan. File photo: Kopano Tlape/ GCIS

The ANC are once again fighting the threat of civil war within their own party. On Wednesday, we saw the organisation issue a fierce statement against one of its own ministers, after Tito Mboweni said they were “wrong” to try and nationalise the SA Reserve Bank. Pravin Gordhan has also faced choppy waters.

Much of the criticism Gordhan has received comes from his political opponents. But last week, the public enterprises minister was accused of misleading Cyril Ramaphosa: It was David Mabuza, the deputy president, who dropped Pravin right in it – but it seems that things have calmed on this front.

Pravin Gordhan receives boost from party seniors

Pule Mabe is a spokesperson for the ANC. He took to SABC on Thursday morning to clear his party’s position on senior members. Although Tito Mboweni’s indiscretions were glossed-over, Mabe came out fighting for Pravin Gordhan, suggesting that he has been the victim of a “political assault”.

“We’ve never discussed the role of ministers, and whether [Pravin Gordhan] is unfit or not. We have faith in all of Ramaphosa’s appointments. As a party, we must all deal with SOEs. They need to be anchors which create jobs and stabalise the economy. Our NEC completely backs Ramaphosa and his ministers.”

Pule Mabe on Pravin Gordhan

ANC war stoked by opposition

He’s been having a rough time of it over the past few months. He introduced a nine-point recovery plan for Eskom and managed to avert any load shedding over winter. However, with drastic power outages instigated in three of the last four months, it is Pravin Gordhan who found himself under an immense amount of pressure.

The EFF have already confirmed they plan to disrupt SONA in February, by protesting against Pravin Gordhan and his role in government. They have long been opposed to “Jamnandas” and his work with Eskom, and the party continue to blame the ANC stalwart for South Africa’s energy woes.