Eastern Cape elective conference violence

Original image: Ashraf Hendricks/GroundUp

Chairs fly as ANC EC conference turns into a brawl between factions [video]

The factions clearly run deep in the ANC.

Eastern Cape elective conference violence

Original image: Ashraf Hendricks/GroundUp

The divisions in the African National Congress (ANC) continues to be front and centre as the national elective conference looms.

Delegates at the party’s Eastern Cape provincial conference filed court papers in the High Court this weekend questioning the validity of the conference.

Violence broke out in the early hours of Sunday morning with members of opposing factions attacking each other with chairs, bottles and steel rods, leaving nearly ten people injured.

Watch the brawl at the ANC’s Eastern Cape Conference

News24 describes reported that the floor was left “blood-stained”, describing a disturbing scene left in the wake of the violence.

“Broken chairs, stun grenades and bloodied delegates characterised the ANC Eastern Cape’s elective conference on Saturday night.”

Several delegates were taken to hospital and the high court matter is expected to be heard late on Sunday.

News24 further reported:

Some delegates had earlier cried foul over the registration process, with claims of unauthorised members being allowed to participate in the event.

The party demanded that all delegates produce identity documents before entering the venue.


ANC provincial executive committee member Mlibo Qoboshiyane told reporters that the violence erupted during the adoption of credentials at around midnight, when delegates demanded to know what happened to some of the branches and their members.