Amy'Leigh de Jager Kidnapperspers bail

Tharina Human, Laetitia Nel and Pieter Jacobus van Zyl / Image via Twitter: Uncle Sammy ?? @MashSammy

Amy’Leigh de Jager: Kidnappers describe their rough night in jail

If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. The kidnappers in the Amy’Leigh de Jager case have been left unimpressed by their prison cells.

Amy'Leigh de Jager Kidnapperspers bail

Tharina Human, Laetitia Nel and Pieter Jacobus van Zyl / Image via Twitter: Uncle Sammy ?? @MashSammy

The three defendants in the Amy’Leigh de Jager case returned to court on Friday morning, in a bid to secure bail and temporary freedom. However, they didn’t enjoy much luck. The hearing was postponed until 1 October, as the defence team scramble to gather witnesses and build a case.

Tharina Human, Laetitia Nel and Pieter van Zyl are the accused. They returned to the stand after a dramatic day of proceedings on Thursday. The investigating officer has demanded that the trio should be kept behind bars, and revealed links to a “Nigerian” underworld figure. However, we’ve gone from revelations to incarcerations…

Amy’Leigh de Jager kidnapping case – latest news:

The suspects have been left furious with the conditions of their stay behind bars. They remain in the slammer, pending the result of their bail application. But as the 27-year-old Human revealed, the group had a pretty rough night on Thursday – and they showed up with an application to be transfered.

Both women – Human and Nel – are being kept in Sun City prison in Johannesburg. But the pair have lashed out at the conditions they are faced with. According to the defendants, they are sharing a facility with 70 other inmates. It’s also claimed the jailbirds have access to TV, and have been watching the Amy’Leigh de Jager case unfold.

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Tharina Human, who has been called the “mastermind” of the group by several law enforcement officials, was particularly upset by her new digs. She complained of being “kept up all night” by her fellow prisoners. We’re not sure how well that’ll go down if they all caught a glimpse of the televised trial today.

The application was shot down. A state official says that none of the suspects can return to Vanderbijlpark Police Station, and that Human and her co-accused won’t find a “special place” that treats them any better.

Amy’Leigh de Jager kidnappers say they’ve received death threats

Both of the female defendants have also expressed fear for their own lives, suggesting that they have received death threats while behind bars.

There is a dark irony to their complaints, however. During Amy’Leigh de Jager’s 19-hour kidnap ordeal, the six-year-old was kept in cramped, squalid conditions herself. Sympathy has been in short supply for these three all week, and their sob-story isn’t budging many South Africans at all.

Human, Nel and Van Zyl will now remain in Sun City.