Ajay Gupta

Watch: Ajay Gupta comfortably laughs off all allegations [video]

The Guptas are laughing at us…

Ajay Gupta

Ajay Gupta is the Gupta-In-Chief, leader of the pack and seemingly one of the most corrupt individuals to ever spend time in South Africa. While our law enforcement and intelligence agencies have been looking for him, he’s been having a laugh in India.

After effectively refusing to ever speak to the South African media, Gupta welcomed Indian journalists into his temporary home. Of course, he was asked about the numerous allegations in South Africa.

While the family’s ability to get out of South Africa and move freely around the world has driven us all nuts, Ajay’s comments on Wednesday are a new kind of “slap in the face”.

Where is Ajay Gupta?

The Indian billionaire – currently in his home country for a religious pilgrimage – tore into the South African media and moved to protect Duduzane Zuma, claiming that his business deals with the son of former President Jacob Zuma have all been above board.

According to Ajay, every single one of the allegations has just been “made up” by the media. Haven’t we all heard that before?

In one clip exclusively obtained by eNCA, Ajay Gupta can be seen smiling and laughing during his press “deny all” showcase.

“No, there is no allegation in India on the Gupta family. Let me know what allegation there is. So who put the allegation please let me now?

“You have to ask the media where the allegation is coming, in my opinion, there is no allegation at all. In any part of the world. The media has to give a reply then, which allegation are they talking about?” Ajay Gupta could be seen telling one journalist over the phone.

Ajay was last spotted in Dubai when he was confronted by a South African businessman about going to SA to answer for his crimes. He said he would return when he “was told what he had done wrong”.

The Hawks say they have a warrant for Ajay for his involvement in the Vrede Dairy farm saga.

Watch: Ajay Gupta laughs off allegations