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It’s effectively places around here…

Agent Network created to get ANC back in power In W Cape – Jacques Pauw

Could you see the ANC back in power in the Western Cape? The author of The President’s Keepers said a special unit is in place to make that happen.

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It’s effectively places around here…

The President’s Keepers continues to keep South Africans horrified with the allegations around President Zuma and the State Security Agency (SSA). Now, almost two weeks after the book’s release, author Jacques Pauw has revealed new details around the ANC and the Western Cape.

News24 sat down with Pauw as he revealed that he has been told that the SSA’s Principal Agent Network (PAN) was created specifically to get the ANC back into power in the DA run province.

“They said to me they are convinced this was part of an effort to make the Western Cape ANC again and that there were definite efforts to boost the ANC in the Western Cape,” he said.

Pauw revealed that the information was not part of his book because the agents he spoke to did not have substantial proof of this.

“There were definite allegations this was politically motivated as well.”

News24 then reached out to PAN to get their thoughts on the claim. SSA spokesman Brian Dube then referred them to a cease and desist letter that was sent to Pauw. The Agency declined to comment any further or provide comment.

What The President’s Keepers does mention, though, an internal investigation concluded that SSA director general Arthur Fraser should be charged with treason. Why? All for his role in the running of the PAN.

Pauw also went into more detail about the death threats he has been receiving since he first released the book. The investigative journalist said some threats came from individuals who spoke Cape-style Afrikaans.

“I got two phone calls over the weekend. It was definitely Cape gangsters… they were talking Afrikaans… so it definitely came from those quarters.”

On Monday, Pauw also received a call where someone told him “If you continue writing about Jacob Zuma, we will kill you.”

On Wednesday evening Jacques Pauw held a launch event for his book at Exclusive Books in Hyde Park. Pauw was being interviewed before a large crowd when suddenly the power was cut. Coincidence eh?