Afro Worldview

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Afro Worldview officially taken off the air as MultiChoice axes former Gupta owned channel

Afro Worldview is officially no longer being broadcast on DStv. The channel formerly known as ANN7 has officially met its demise, once and for all.

Afro Worldview

Credit: Afro Worldview

While Mzwanele Manyi always stressed that Afro Worldview was not just a name change from ANN7, the rebranded channel did not remain on the air very long. While new staff were hired and the Gupta propaganda was cut out, MultiChoice still decided to not give the channel a new contract on its DStv platform.

Afro Worldview: Over and out

As the clock struck midnight on Monday 20 August, Afro Worldview was taken off the air and replaced by a DStv message informing would be viewers that the channel was “closed”.

When ANN7 started in 2013, it quickly became a mouthpiece for all things pro-Jacob Zuma and the Gupta family. Analysts would slam white monopoly capital and blame it for all of the Guptas alleged (and oh so well documented) wrongdoings and dodgy dealings.

With some of the Gupta brothers even working at the editorial helm and deciding what stories to cover, South Africans quickly began to understand that ANN7 was a textbook definition of Fake News.

As things began heating up for the Guptas as 2017 came to a close, local businessman (and known Gupta ally) Mzwanele Manyi bought the channel from the Guptas. He was the sole owner and the price was listed at over R500m

While Manyi was forced to shut down the bankrupt The New Age newspaper, he vowed to keep Afro Worldview alive as it had “nothing to do” with the Gupta family.

Shortly after the rebranding, MultiChoice announced that it would open the bidding for a black-owned TV news channel. With the current license expiring on 20 August, Manyi would have to re-bid alongside close to 20 other bidders.

It would now seem that Manyi lost that bid with MultiChoice set to announce what new channel will replace Afro Worldview next week. So far, the DStv parent company has not revealed any details about the bidders.

Afro Worldview: A jobless nightmare

Staff at the TV channel were told on Monday that they can remain at home for the rest of the week and that their salary for August will be paid “as scheduled”.

With hundreds of media professionals now jobless, unions have confirmed that MultiChoice is in talks with the new licensee to absorb current employees.

With e media holdings (etv, eNCA etc) also set to open a new TV news channel (on the OpenView network) in the coming weeks, the South African TV news landscape is set for exciting times.