Sudan clashes

The UK an US asked for ‘immediate cessation of violence’ in Sudan . Image: Reuters

Sudan clashes: calls for ‘immediate end to violence’

According to Central Committee of Sudan Doctors, an independent pro-democracy group of medics the number of deaths among civilians reached 56

Sudan clashes

The UK an US asked for ‘immediate cessation of violence’ in Sudan . Image: Reuters

On Monday Britain and the United States called for an “immediate cessation” of violence in response to the Sudan clashes.

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“There is a shared deep concern about the fighting. The threat that poses to civilians, that it poses to the Sudanese nation and potentially poses even to the region,” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in joint a statement with his British counterpart James Cleverly.

James Cleverly and Antony Blinken. Image: RTE

Blinken said the fighting was discussed with allies in the Middle East and Africa and there is “a very strong shared view about the need for generals.

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Cleverly added that the immediate future lies in the hands of the generals ‘who are engaged in this fight’.

“We call upon them to put peace first, to bring an end to the fighting, to get back to negotiations. That’s what the people of Sudan want, that’s what the people of Sudan deserve.”

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Cleverly added that people in Sudan want the military back in the barracks. That they want democracy, a civilian-led government, and that Sudan needs to return to that path.

“Obviously, from the UK’s Government point of view, our priority is the protection of British nationals.”


UN chief Antonio Guterres called for “an immediate cessation of hostilities”. They discussed ways to de-escalate with the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and African Union Commission Chair Moussa Faki.

“Fighting between SAF and RSF forces threatens the security and safety of Sudanese civilians and undermines efforts to restore Sudan’s democratic transition. The only way forward is to return to negotiations,” Blinken tweeted Sunday.

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